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Give a Donation!

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary receives no funding from national, state, or local government agencies, nor do we receive any financial support from national animal welfare organizations. All of our income is generated from our public and private events, small grants, and “most importantly” donations from all of our wonderful, kindhearted supporters like YOU!

  • A donation of just $10.00 helps us purchase:

     A bag of Bedding.

  • A donation of just $15.00 helps us purchase:

     A bag of Chicken/Rooster/Duck Feed.

  • A donation of just $20.00 helps us purchase:

     A bag of Goat/Pig Feed.

  • A donation of just $30.00 helps us purchase:

     A bag of Senior Equine Feed.

  • A donation of just $50.00 helps us fully Sponsor:

    A Pig or Goat for a month.

  • A donation of just $60.00 helps us pay for:

    One Farrier Appointment.

  • A donation of just $100.00 helps us pay for:

     10 Coastal Hay Bales.


Join Our Herd!



By setting up regular monthly donations or a monthly animal sponsorship, you are officially a member of The Herd!

Herd Members: Donations go towards our everyday costs to run the sanctuary such as, feed, hay, bedding, enrichment toys, treats, vet costs, and so much more!

Alpha Sponsors: symbolically adopt one of our animals. Donations from Alpha Sponsors go directly towards all of their sponsored animals monthly feed, hay and bedding costs

Co-Sponsors: symbolically adopt one of our animals that currently have an Alpha Sponsor. Donations from Co-Sponsors go directly towards all of their sponsored animals monthly Supplements, Vet visits, enrichment toys and treat costs



help Out

Shop Our Chewy/Amazon


Our Sanctuary has created a wishlist on both and that will show our AMAZING supporters our needed donations for our Sanctuary.

It’s super easy to do, once on our Wish List, you can browse all the products that will help our rescues we serve.

Want to make sure our animals’ basic needs are met? Send food and bedding. Want to add some joy to their lives? Select a toy or treat from the list.

If you’d like to help rescues with medical issues, send a Chewy gift card—Our Sanctuary can use those funds toward prescription medications, as well as other items they may need.

Add your selected items to your donation cart, check out, and you’re done!  Chewy/Amazon will send your donation directly to our Sanctuary’s doorstep

Show Up

Become a Volunteer!

Sign up to help us care for our Sanctuary!

In order to offer the best care possible for our animals, we rely on volunteers. These volunteers interact with the animals every shift.

Here at our nonprofit sanctuary we offer an array of different volunteering opportunities for all ages 16 & up!!

We understand that everyone is different and some jobs that are great for others may not be great for some, we try to provide our volunteers with tasks that suit their talents and what they feel comfortable with

Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary is able to accommodate and provide volunteering or community service hours needed to meet a school graduation requirement, work requirement, or a NonViolent court ordered requirement.

To volunteer please send us an email by clicking the sign up button below and we will send you more information!

Want to Support the Rebuild of our Sanctuary?

Provide Shelter

Build An Animal A House!

  • $1,200 will provide a fully enclosed house for a larger animal.
  • $500 will provide a fully enclosed home for a smaller rescue.
  • For an additional $300 you can help personalize their house and we can paint it any color you want and put your family’s name or business logo on it!

Join Our Animal Community

THANK YOU for your support of our sanctuary.

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